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Designed to inspire creativity, and encourage collaboration, our goal is to integrate environments, technologies, communities and work life services that clear the way for engagement and productivity.

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Sample, while every single one of our locations are carefully curated, we give you the flexibility to completely customize your space down to the modular walls. If thats not your deal, then every detail is considered and crafted for you on arrival.

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Coworking Amenities in La Brea, CA

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Stay Connected with the CG+ App. Manage everything from financial aspects to event scheduling. CommonGrounds creates a central hub for meetings, events and other business collaborations. Fostering an integrative ecosystem takes more than just thoughtful design and a few modern amenities. Members can view the daily schedule to register and participate in each of these events through the CG Connect app.

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Coworking in La Brea, CA

At CommonGrounds, We have designed human-centric workplaces in thriving markets with the latest technologies, services and furnishings delivering more frictionless environments to drive the 21st century workforce.

Our passion is to build workplaces that stimulate the imagination and let innovation thrive, don’t let the 4 walls keep your ideas confined. We understand that where you work matters, and that’s why we believe that work and life need to be in sync for individuals to find balance in their day-to-day. If the changing dynamics in your company and that one type of office structure just no longer works, our membership is for you. There are different levels, and easily configurable spaces that allow you to grow and contract nearly on-demand. Develop a community in your business, your space, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

We hope to see you at our La Brea location soon. CommonGrounds – Revolutionizing Worklife.

LA BREA, California

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