The Benefits Coworking Spaces Bring to Startups

Starting a new business venture isn’t easy. It comes with obstacles and challenges. So when choosing a workplace, many startups see more benefits at a coworking space than in a traditional or home office.



Well known companies that began as small startups, such as Uber, Instagram and Spotify have all traced their beginnings to coworking spaces. There are so many reasons why companies get a successful start in coworking spaces, and your new company could be next.



When you’re starting a new business, one of your worries is costs. You want to be smart with your budget and make good choices that don’t bring you down later. In a coworking space like CommonGrounds, your office comes fully furnished with sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs. The added expense of purchasing office furniture is eliminated, so you can minimize your spending and maximize your profitability.



Another great benefit is that your workspace can grow as your company grows. Coworking spaces have offices of all sizes and several different membership types to fit every budget. As you hire more and need more room, you can switch to larger and larger offices.



Additionally, you aren’t locked into a long term lease. Things change and circumstances change. Startups have the flexibility to sign month-to-month, 2 months, 6 months, or however long they’d like to. The choice is yours.



In business, often times it is not always what you know but who you know. Coworking spaces are a great way to meet new people and network. Especially for startups, your coworking space can serve as a way to collaborate with established companies, gain advice, meet new clients, and more. The opportunities are endless and come easily since you all share the same common areas and can strike up conversationally organically.




Creativity and inspiration is everywhere. Ideas never have to run dry. This is because you are constantly able to change environments and are not limited to just your office or workspace. As a member, you have access to any common area, lounge, phone booth, or soft seating area of your choosing. Whether you need to take a break or find a new setting to get your creative juices flowing, there’s an open seat for you.




So what do you think? Are you ready to take a tour and start your business in a coworking space like CommonGrounds Workplace?