How to Maximize Your Coworking Membership

We have a lot to offer – there, we said it. When it comes to coworking, we can’t be humble about how much our members gain from signing on with us. A membership at CommonGrounds is more than just renting a workspace and grabbing a mug full of complimentary coffee as you walk in the door. A membership at CommonGrounds opens doors to an entire network of business opportunities, discounted rates, and programs that are right at your fingertips. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just signed your lease agreement, it’s important to utilize the resources around you – don’t just think of your membership as an office rental, but a place to take the next step in your personal and professional life.


Connect with your Workplace Manager. Start right at our front doors and get to know your workplace manager. Our teams are fully educated on ways to support the business needs of our members and it’s in the core of our beliefs to help our community any way we can.

Our workplace managers genuinely care about bettering your day and helping your business succeed. They are an excellent resource to point you in the right direction when it comes to networking, listening to workplace requests, and efficiently fixing any problems you encounter. Take advantage of their helping hands – they are some of the brightest faces on our CommonGrounds team, so we know they’ll brighten your day too!


Ask about business discounts. Just as collaboration and networking is valuable to your business, it is to ours too! Each CommonGrounds Workplace location has partnered with local businesses to allow special offers/services to our CG members. Since each location offers different advantages, speak to your Workplace Manager before you book anything in your city or in the area you are traveling to.

Similarly, if you or your business has a partnering opportunity that you want to promote, reach out to your Workplace Manager to see if it might be the right fit. CommonGrounds offers national and local business advantages to our community and we are always looking to expand our offerings. The more we can do for you, the better.


Talk to other members. One of the reasons coworking is so popular is that you have a huge network just steps away. Whether you are looking to hire an outside resource or ask advice from someone in a similar field, you can take your pick of who to speak to.

When asking for feedback from one our members, he told us that the more occupied our workplace was, the better his business did. In a coworking space it is much easier to gain new clients and meet new people because they spend their day in the same place that you do. It’s impossible not to meet people and grow your professional network!


Hold your own events. Take advantage of our all-inclusive amenities and utilize our space by hosting events for your business. Whether you need a few large conference rooms or want to reserve the entire space for your event, our workplace manager will work alongside of you to bring your vision to life. Holding events is a great way to establish your name, show off your workplace to your clients, and meet other entrepreneurs.

Any public community events held in our locations are open to our members, so make time to attend them! You never know who you might meet or what business opportunities you’ll find.


Utilize our wellness programs. One of our core values at CommonGrounds Workplace is promoting wellness and good health for our staff and coworking members. Just as we’ve partnered with the business community, we’ve also partnered with the wellness community. In July 2021, CommonGrounds released a partnership with CorePower Yoga to offer our members discounted rates on in-person and at-home fitness programs. We want you to be your best self, so that you can do your best work.


When you are surrounded by people in all different industries, you never know what doors will open for you. Coworking spaces are more than just “a place to work”, they are a place to grow your business and establish connections. Take advantage of all the resources available to you and don’t be afraid to make connections with both your coworking community and workplace management team. Our members at CommonGrounds love where they work, and these are just a few reasons why.